Its all about meeting needs!

We all have needs, right? Especially in this economy where its really tough to make ends meet.

Here are just a few examples of needs.

    paying bills
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Bicycles (Why Bicycles?)
  • Money to pay the bills, rent or mortgage
  • Someone to babysit so you can go on a date with your spouse
  • People that are homebound that need someone to visit them, shop for them, or bring them food.
  • People in jail that need someone to visit them
  • Jobs
  • Resume so that you can get that job
  • Prayer
  • Healing
  • and on and on it goes.

The mission of needs met is simple. To see needs met. There are 2 phases to the mission.

Phase 1 is the community

There are lots of places out there where the needy can get their needs met. There are food banks, thrift stores, free medical and dental clincs, job placement services etc...

Typically, if someone has needs, they have a lot of them. Take the homeless for example. If they want to get clothing, they have the travel to a thrift store or a location that offers free clothes. Next they need food, so they have to travel to a food bank. Next they need medical attention. So they have to travel to a free clinic. They also need a job. So they have to travel to a job search center.

To get all of their needs met, they might have to travel to 20 or more different locations. And these locations are not right next to each other. To get to all of them might reguire hours or even days and driving many many miles. And that is if they even have a car and the gas to get to them all.

If they dont have a car, they will have to rely of public transporation to get to al these places, which would reuire even more time and costs.


What if all goods and services were offered under just 1 roof?

It would be like a Wal-Mart. A 1-stop experience that offered free goods and services for the needy. Click here to see out vision for the layout of this facility.


The second part of the vision of Needs Met is to see Needs Met in our Churches. Here is an example of the "Hole" in the Church.

People come into a physical brick and mortar Church, sing worship songs, and listen to a sermon. But then they leave with the very same needs they had when they came in. Needs are not being met because no one shares them.

Lets say that in Church A, there are 1000 people. John and Robert are both members of Church A.

John and Robert are in the same service in the same Church. For the purpose of this example, lets say that they are even sitting right next to each other.

  • John has just been laid off from his job. He is a painter by trade.
  • Robert owns a painting company and is in need of a painter.

The problem is visibility and communication.

  • Robert does not know that John is a painter and needs a job.
  • John does not know that Robert owns a paining company and is looking to hire a painter.

If they only knew about each other’s need, that need could be met.

The problem is that our Churches and Church members are not being taught the proper way to present their needs to God and each other so that they can be met.

This problem can be solved by;

  • Mobilizing the Christian community to get out of the “4 walls” of the church to meet needs in Jesus’ name…giving more than help, but hope.
  • Moving churches beyond occasional outreach events, providing opportunities for members to meet day-to-day, recurring needs on their schedule.
  • Helping churches provide service and ministry outlets to those sitting in the church pews, many of whom are looking for avenues to live out their faith.
  • Dispelling the notion that churches are about “inflow” more than “outflow” by enabling them to impact their communities through loving acts of service.
  • Bringing the Christian community together to serve their communities through collective outreach efforts using a common, state-of-the-art platform.
  • Putting Christians directly in touch with those in need, giving them opportunities to share not only their time and talents, but their faith as well.
  • Teaching Churches how to find out what the needs are within their own walls and how to get those needs met by involving others within their Church.





  1. Needs Met is constantly growing as God directs. This web site is constantly growing and changing as well. Many of the things that you will see on this web site are still in the vision phase. This means that we are waiting on God to open up the doors by providing the means and finances for those parts of the vision.
  1. Needs Met is a vision that God gave us about 6 years ago. Vision of Needs Met.

  2. #1 Challenge the Church to "Be the Church" by meeting the needs of its own members. Accoding to Acts 2:45 this can be accomplished by the members of the Church gathering together their posessions and sharing them with those that have need.
  3. #2 Meet the Need of those in the Community. According to Acts 4:34 and 4:35, this can be accomplished by distributing resouces to each as they had need.
  1. #3 To meet the needs of the lost in the community, Boise, Idaho and the world. According to Acts 4:34, once resources were distrubuted as people had need, their was not a needy amoung them.



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