Needs Met Needs

Be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Project #1
New Needs Met web site.

This purpose of this web site is;

For Families and Individuals

Individuals and families can meet the needs of other individuals and families in our comminity.
Donors can come into the site and choose a family or individual that has a need that they have the ability and desire to meet
Those in need can apply for assistance. Once approved, their need is posted on the site.

Large Needs – For Individuals and Families with larger needs (Over $2000)

For Churches, Ministries, and other organizations. (Needs ranging from $2000 to 2 Million)

After an application process, these places can post their large needs.
Donors that have the ability and desire to meet these large needs and choose which to donate to.

Project #2
Needs Met Offices

Administrative offices where Needs Met conducts business, receives, reviews applications for assistance, and meets with those in need.

Estimated Costs $500 per month / 1 years lease $6000

Project #3
Needs Met Facility.

Facility to be called God’s Storehouse. This facility will house

Goods – Furniture
Goods – Household Goods
Goods – Food
Service – Free Dental
Service – Free Medical
Service – Free psychiatric and other therapy
Cost to build: Unknown

Proposed Floor Plan of the facility 

Proposed Needs Met Facility

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Needs Met is all about meeting the needs of people. God meets needs, but he uses you and me to do this work. Needs Met is a registered 501 (c) (3) (tax exempt) organization, Federal ID #46-1945431. Any contribution that you make to Needs Met is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.